Vanessa’s Cowboy Satyricon

“Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys…” – unless they are as HOT as my friend Steven Satyricon! Steven was absolutely a force of nature onstage in our Oasis Country Roads show. Classic cowboy suits his very natural, sharp-shooter stage presence and easy, laid-back voice. In fact, there would have been no country music show for Vanessa had Steven not suggested it to me some time ago. I told him “I can’t sing country…I’m a proper singer!” And laughingly he replied, “Oh Vanessa, you are also a great storyteller – and that’s what country is all about.” I am so glad I listened to my Cowboy Satyricon’s advice and expanded Vanessa’s repertoire and performance genre range. Steven, you will always be my Rhinestone Cowboy, darlin!