The Best Audience of Friends EVER

It is truly a delight to sing for an audience of familiar faces. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of supportive friends who come out and see me perform. My H2O April Showers show at Oasis was no exception. My deepest gratitude to everyone who attended, but particularly to my dear friends pictured in this post: Ross Neville, Bo Ayres, Michael Gagne, Steven Satyricon, Andrew Darling, John & Carol Hull, Jeffrey Doney, Adam Thier, Johnny Vargas, Cicero Braganca, Michael Ackerman, Linda Ostrom, Susan McWhirter, Denise Gindooy, Alejandro Flagger, Lizzie Dierken, Michael Pere and of course, my darling Linda Lee. Hugs and kisses to all! Photos by Linda Lee & Devlin Shand.


  1. Linda
    April 26, 2022

    Oh my goodness we all look so glamorous!!! Love being part of your performances!!

    • Vanessa Bousay
      April 26, 2022

      Love you right back, Linda! Such a great photo of you guys!!!