Tenderloin Tessie: EASTER 2022

As always, it is one the greatest joys of my life to entertain for my great big extended family at Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners. Easter 2022 was no exception. Thank you to Michael Gagne, President of TT for getting us as back to normal as possible with this Easter’s seated, completely indoor dinner. Serving our dear guests family-style is really how we communicate the love that is the Tenderloin Tessie volunteer organization. From my vantage point at the microphone, watching the afternoon unfold, I was reminded once again of what a basic human need it is to come together and feel connected to others. The simple act of sharing a meal and a song is a cherished gift that we can again offer to those who feel least connected and seen in our community. I send out all my love to the countless volunteers who make this dinner happen each holiday and to our precious guests. To quote from Dreamgirls: “It’s more than you, it’s more than me, no matter what we are, we are a FAMILY.”