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Phyllis, My Muse

curtinNot a note comes out of my heart that isn’t filtered through the profoundly freeing technique I learned from my beloved voice teacher, American soprano, Phyllis Curtin. I just adore this backstage photo of Phyllis sitting quietly at her dressing room table. She frequently advised that a mirror is the singer’s best friend. The mirror and the objectified image of exactly what is happening in one’s body as one sings is truly an extraordinary teacher. Thank you for the many life and artistic lessons you taught me, Phyllis. Much love, always, to my beautiful muse.

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“The theater, the theater…”

The ruins of the Palace Theater in Gary, IndianaWhy am I so obsessed with this picture of the dilapidated Palace Theater in Gary, Indiana? The Jackson Five and Winthrop’s charming ditty from “The Music Man” notwithstanding, the raw documentation of this vacant urban space is still so eerily alluring to me…in all it’s crumbling splendor. I should like nothing more than to stand in the midst of all that rubble and sing “Another Openin’, Another Show”. Some things are immortal. The theater is one.

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