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VANESSA: A new short film by Daniela Carias Bendaña

My very deepest thanks to my dear friend Daniela Carias Bendaña for choosing me as the subject for her student film documentary. What a joy to collaborate with you on this, Daniela! You captured Erik & Vanessa’s story with such honesty and artistry.  Many thanks, also, to my friends Michael Gagne, Troy Arnold, Krissy Dorn, Tom Shaw, Roberta Drake & Suliman Nawid for appearing in the film.

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Sensational Suliman!


What a wonderful time I had with the magnificently talented Suliman Nawid in the creation of our Black Magic Woman image. Thank you, Suliman, for sharing your consummate artistry with DiVanessa! I do believe that you practice your own unique form of sorcery on the hearts of men, darling. So as a galactic witch, I was in such powerful, capable hands.

Special thanks also to the exceedingly brilliant Michael Smith for the amazing photography from the shoot. Kisses for days to you both!

Please don’t miss my Black Magic Woman show at Martuni’s on Sunday October 11 @ 7PM.  I will be accompanied by the fabulous Tom Shaw Trio (Tom/piano, Roberta Drake, drums and Paul Eastburn bass) for this voo-doo-fab-song-fest!

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