Tenderloin Tessie Thanksgiving Day Dinner 2109

Yes indeed, the place to be happy is here on earth and the way to be happy is to to help make others happy. I just love that quote by Robert Ingersoll posted right outside of my dressing room door on Thanksgiving Day at Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinner. It was a beautiful reminder of precisely why I — and all of the volunteers who produce this annual event — keep coming back again and again.

For me personally, the metaphysical act of singing is my way of helping to make others happy. Music is such a powerful medium with which to communicate and to bring people together. My view from the microphone during the entire duration of this dinner is — every time — the most extraordinary sight to see. There is such joy in watching all of us volunteers bring tangible happiness and a real sense of belonging to those most needy at the holidays. I am honored and so proud to be part of an organization like Tenderloin Tessie Holiday Dinners that does such good for so many. Much love to everyone in our great big extended TT family!