Tom Shaw & Roberta Drake: The Wind Beneath My Wings Of Song

For me personally, the best part about being Vanessa Bousay is the opportunity to make music through song. I have been singing my entire life and have two degrees in voice performance to show for it. Since the beginning of my performing life as Vanessa, I have been blessed to know and to collaborate with two of the most amazing musicians any singer could EVER ask for: Tom Shaw & Roberta Drake. We have performed countless shows together in a variety of venues, and it is always pure performing delight.

The hallmark of every rehearsal period and performance with Tom & Roberta that I appreciate most is attention to detail. Getting tempi, vibes, cuts and segues absolutely rock-solid allows me total freedom as a singer/entertainer. I never have to wonder what will happen; I KNOW what will happen: great, focused music-making between friends. Tom & Roberta thank you so much for the joy of collaboration. It is always the most incredible time in “music-land” with the two of you! Photo by Devlin Shand.