SWEET STREET Post Show Glow: The Best Audience EVER

Friends are what make performing as Vanessa Bousay all worthwhile. I am so lucky to have a community of loving, supportive people who come out and cheer me on every time I appear. That loyalty and energy is something I most certainly DO NOT take for granted. I am a very, very lucky diva to have it.

From so many different parts of my life here in San Francisco, y’all come together – time after time – to hear me share my gift of song. It is beautiful to me how music has the power to unite people, bring joy and inspire us to keep on living. As a singer, I am grateful to be the conduit for all of that.

I thank you – each and every one of you – who attended my Sweet Street Valentine’s show with Steven Satyricon, Tom Shaw & Roberta Drake at Oasis this year. The smiles on all of our faces in these photos tell the story of one fantastic evening spent together in the cabaret. See you next on Mother’s Day at Martuni’s!