Oh my dear LINDA LEE, how I love thee! Not only is Linda one of Vanessa’s biggest fans, she is also one of my most cherished friends. Her support of my performing and of my work with Tenderloin Tessie dinners is nothing short of astonishing. At every show, at every benefit, there is Linda with her camera documenting and archiving the magic that is our community here in San Francisco. Linda is a friend who makes love an ACTION, more than just a word. I love this pelican/pink flamingo pose from our Sweet Street show, and Linda Lee…I love you!

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  1. Linda Lee
    March 6, 2020

    Oh, my goodness! You make me feel SO special, Vanessa! You’re so talented and I’m so pleased to be at your shows and be able to capture so many beautiful moments on my camera. You do so much for the community and I love you!