DIVANESSA & SATYRICON Valentine’s 2020

After six consecutive years of performing a February show together, Vanessa and Steven Satyricon’s Valentine’s cabaret has become an annual San Francisco tradition. Valentine’s is a holiday that is so easy to sing about. Love songs abound – both romantic and bitter – and this year’s Sweet Street theme took us all on a saccharine high with songs about candy, honey, ice cream, cupcakes, high fructose corn syrup and more.

I am so grateful for my friend Steven Satyricon. A natural and fantastic entertainer, a strong singer and a sweetheart to boot, Steven brings a wealth of stage and performing experience to every show. And with our friends Tom Shaw & Roberta Drake on piano and drums, we just have such an effortless, grand time singing up there together. Our voices – though very different – truly become one when we sing together in unison or in harmony. It is such an intimate and sensuous connection we share as friends in music. Thank you, Steven, for all the fun and joy in music. I love you!