The “Tessie’s Christmas Stuffing” Skit

What started as a simple, little slap-stick comic sketch has now become an inevitable tradition at our Tenderloin Tessie Christmas Cabaret show. With the mise en scene of filming a documentary movie, “Tessie’s Christmas Stuffing” chronicles the mishaps of serving anything at a Tenderloin Tessie dinner WITHOUT “The Love Spice”. Silly and entertaining as it is, the skit has a profound punch at the end that instantly brings home the whole message of the evening and of the charity itself.

This years cast included the inimitable Steven Satyricon as “The Producer”, Andrew Darling as “The Impulsive Volunteer”, Michael Gagne as “The Doctor” & Vanessa as “The Volunteer Cook”. Thank you Linda Lee for these fabulous candid shots from the skit this year.