My Drag Daughter “Eustazia”

Every now and then a friend of mine really surprises me…and it definitely takes a lot to surprise Vanessa! But when John Hull told me that he had a dream of performing in drag FOR THE FIRST time at age….well, we won’t mention that…..I was thrilled and in awe of his courage. THEN he told me that he wanted to perform for our Tenderloin Tessie Christmas Cabaret this year….THEN he asked me to be his drag mother! What an honor and  responsibility.

I must admit that with this very head-strong and willful daughter, Eustazia – “Euie” for short – I didn’t have a whole lot of work to do. John is a brilliantly creative artist in many areas, and I suppose the most support I gave him in his journey to discover his character was the platform of the show itself. The drag was a piece of cake for him. It was the opportunity to perform that I could provide. And boy, did Eustazia ever deliver! Her rendition of “Rudolph The Drag Queen Reindeer” was the perfect comic addition to the show, and she brought the house down with her hysterical patter. Brava Diva Eustzia!

On a deeper level, Eustazia’s presence in the show this year punctuates the magic of what make Tenderloin Tessie such a unique and real organization. We say that “all are welcome” at Tenderloin Tessie, and that is true not only with our guests who attend, but with those who choose to volunteer for us as well. Creating Eustazia gave my friend John Hull a chance to  to entertain and contribute in a way that was a sheer delight to him, and in so doing he brought joy to others. That is the soul of Tenderloin Tessie, you see. Everyone is valued, because everyone has something to offer in our family.

Much love to my drag daughter, Eustazia.