Blondes In A Bar

Vanessa’s June Martuni’s show this year paid tribute to the signature songs of some of the world’s most beloved BLONDE divas: Dinah Shore, Doris Day, Dolly Parton, Peggy Lee & Marilyn Monroe. What a line-up of PLATINUM POWER! I was joined at the microphone by guest soloist Keta Bill, who served up her own unique spin on the songs of Dusty Springfield. Special thanks to Tom Shaw & Roberta Drake for providing this diva with the best band in town. It was an evening filled with really fabulous music and wonderful friendship through music. I am so grateful to everybody who came out to share!

Of particular note to me from this evening: although the stereotype of blondes as ditzy airheads may still pervade our cultural consciousness, this show opened my eyes to another way of looking at our platinum sisters. Being blonde is really about having a certain attitude – a confident attitude, because a blonde recognizes that she is different from all the other girls. Genetically, blonde hair is the rarest of all traits. So perhaps the blonde is just naturally liberated from the stuffy expectations of being an ordinary brunette or redhead – and maybe this is why blondes seem to have more fun! Mother Nature granted them a beautiful, flaxen mane that puts them instantly in their own category. And when a blonde can sing too – like our celebrated divas from this show – that is a winning combination for FABULOUS. I absolutely love living in the music of each one of these great entertainers. Be on the lookout for BLONDES IN A BAR II!