Feinstein’s Debut: Erik & Vanessa’s Big Night

On the Thursday evening of San Francisco Pride weekend 2018, Vanessa, Erik and Tom Shaw at piano debuted at Feinstein’s nightclub at Hotel Nikko to a sold-out house. What an extraordinary moment! I shall never forget walking into that room full of friends and fans and feeling all of that genuine love and support. We keep it real, darlings! I love you — every single one of you — and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to sing for you, time and time again.

Special thanks also to my dear friends Steven Satyricon and Krissy Dorn for your beautiful guest soloist appearances. What a lucky diva I am to be surrounded by such talented people. “Forever Friends, bound by love that time can’t take away, Forever Friends, caring in a special kind of way. Heart to heart and hand in hand, we will stand until the end. Love’s forever when you’re Forever Friends…”